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Lake Tekapo

Marigold Odyssey
The drive from Lake Pukaki to Lake Tekapo was actually a drive through heaven. Trust me, its just like a dream. Its one of the most spectacular drives in the world for sure.Lake Pukaki has to be the most beautiful of the lakes that I have been to. Clean blue water and by blue I mean total blue. My entire day was spend around the lake, chilling and relaxing.
Renegade Runaways
First drive - to the closest supermarket to hog on our picnic knick knacks for the upcoming journey which proved to be a super saver. Another must visit- local Farmer’s Market where Aman’s super skeptical expressions changed into a big grin when he registered varied stalls of local food, fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and the intoxicating smell of fresh coffee. As a bonus, it comes with swans swooping in the stream flowing along the stalls.
Vaibhav Annam
Day 10 of the trip was dedicated to southern alps and glacial lakes. We drove to Mt Cook Village via Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki, two of the most beautiful lakes you can find. Turquoise blue waters, pin drop silence, ducks effortlessly floating around – these lakes are idle camping/picnic spots. One can see the glaciers from the mountains behind transforming into rivers flowing through the valley before meeting the lakes.
Mithila Holla
On our way to Christchurch from Mt.Cook, we stopped at Lake Tekapo, a picturesque turquoise coloured lake, seated to a backdrop of rolling hills and snow-capped mountains. If you have time, you can definitely plan to stay here and do some amazing hikes in the Tekapo region.
Aditi Jana
DAY 2: EXPLORING CHRISTCHURCH and TRAVEL VIA LAKE TEKAPO AND PUKAKI TO MT COOKToday we got breakfast at one of the many lovely cafes and explored the city for about a couple of hours before we hit the road to AORAKI VILLAGE at the foothills of Mt. COOK via RAKAI GEORGE through SOUTH CANTERBURY to GERADLINE then into MACKENZIE COUNTRY.If you are not aware, Christchurch has multiple times been affected by severe earthquakes and there are ruins of the damage around the city with saddening yet beautiful memorial for people and children who did not survive the disaster.If you are there around November to December like me, you will be able to enjoy the coulors of the beautiful lupines around scenic lake Tekapo.To know more about how and where to find Lupines visit my website: