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Palak Doshi
4. Only McDonald's inside a plane in the world.You need neither a passport nor tickets for this plane. For six years, this Douglas DC-3 airplane flew South Pacific Airline passengers around New Zealand. Many years later, McDonald’s purchased it and installed seats for a dining area making it the only McDonald's inside a plane in the world.
Renegade Runaways
Day 9: Love for TaupoHop onto the ferry, park your car (yes, inside the ferry!) and in 4 hours you are at the North Island. Weather change is prominent; this part is hotter, cities are bigger, roads are crowded (by south island standards!), but views are not compromised :)
Vaibhav Annam
Taupo is a beautiful town by the largest lake of NZ – Lake Taupo. We stayed in a hostel called the Finlay Jacks – a happening place.
After spending another day at Kerikeri, I took a flight to Taupo, via Auckland. Here I stayed at the Huka Lodge. The mighty Huka Falls is a short stroll away from the lodge and is a must visit. Also a must try is the white-water rafting. The next day I went on a Fly Fishing excursion to a remote backcountry stream