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Godafoss Waterfall

shalbha sarda
More than a 1000 years ago when the Icelandic parliament decided to give up their pagan religion in favour of Christianity, idols of the ancient Nordic gods were then thrown from the top of the waterfall. The cascade retains its name, Godafoss, in memory of this event. You will love the sheer power of the fall with which this horseshoe-shaped fall digs the canyon.
Devansh Dhar
My next stop was the mighty Godafoss waterfall. Fortunately for me, the skies were clear and I finally got a chance to try my long exposure photography for this waterfall underneath the floating clouds. The size of this waterfall in one word is mammoth! It can literally gulp a semi-truck without even burping!
Devansh Dhar
Godafoss - A spectacle to steal every show on earth. This one is a beauty but photographing it is a challenge if there is precipitation in the atmosphere. One should exercise extreme control when approaching towards the falls since the rocks are very slippery.
Pranay Maloo
Since the time we landed, we were mostly on the road but driving in Iceland wasn't a tiring affair. The natural setting amidst which we drove was inspiring us to continue and explore this unique land filled with varied natural phenomenon.We soon reached yet another natural wonder of Iceland, a geothermal area called Myvatn. One could spend an entire day here as it holds a mix of something called "sulfur hot spring", molten mud pots, sulfur vents, a lava field and so much more. The entire area seemed to not belong to earth. For miles there was no vegetation, no trees, grasses, or shrubs. There was nothing but barren volcanic rock. We started from the Sulfur hot spring, and then made our way to the molten mud pots and sulphur vents. The sulphur vents were spread across the field and of different velocity and strength.