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Ishita Bhowmik
Next day, saw us getting ready for Krafla, a major volcanic site known as the Krafla Fires. Volcanic craters, black landscape should be enough to describe the place. Some areas of lavafields are still steaming, and the landscape constantly evolving making the Island and mostly the place a dynamic place. You would need to climb a mountain to witness the crater in all its glory, remember to carry good trekking shoes.
Sayantan Saha
We started for Krafla site of a major volcanic eruption known as the Krafla Fires of 1975-1984 next day. The various overlying lavafields give an interesting striped appearance to the area on a larger scale. Some areas of lavafields that are still steaming, and there are solfataras and various lava formations. After Krafla we started towards Akureyri, the second largest city in Iceland. On the way we stopped at Skutustadagigar which had a beautiful bird trail and another waterfall known as Godafoss (The Fall of the Gods). Akureyri is a beautiful little town on the sea and the colorful houses were straight out of a fairytale. It also felt very good to experience city life after many days in the countryside. We were back on the road by evening and reached Hvammstangi village in the north-west part of the country, on Vatnsnes peninsula, situated on the Miðfjörður. We camped for the night there. We even had a small party with a few Icelandic folks that night.