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Jao camp (Wilderness-Safaris)

Caitlin Graaf
It's no secret that the delta can be expensive. If you're all about the luxury, there are plenty of opulent camps that can take you gliding through the delta's natural water highways. Wilderness Safari's Jao camp, is one such establishment. Be warned that high-end camps here can run over $1,000 per person, per night.For a mokoro experience that is a little lighter on the wallet, check out Maun Backpackers for self-catering adventures through the delta.2) Sundowner cruiseThere is perhaps nothing more quintessentially safari-esque than sundowners. For those who are unfamiliar, a sundowner is a drink or cocktail enjoyed while watching the sunset. Sundowners constitute the perfect ending to any day on safari, and are often enjoying from a strategic high point or open area in the bush while on a game drive.If this is just a little too traditional for you, ramp it up by enjoying your sundowner on a sunset cruise on the iconic Chobe River.