My travel to Botswana


Prior to my travel to Gaborone, Botswana, I did a quick research about the place and delineated a picture in my mind. I knew what to expect really in there.

1. hospitable people- i guess any African country, meeting locals would befenitely give you a sense of hospitality. warm welcome. lots of chit-chats, sharing ideas, conversation beyond professional relationship is a real icebreaker especially for new traveller. these ease things and one gets to know their culture and environment.

2.safaris- talking about safaris, Africa definitely rules. It would really be a silly decision for one if wants to skip African one because he might have already experienced a similar kind in any other country.

3. shopping- real nature stuff is what i look for in African countries

With all these expectations, Africa yet had surprises for me.

I landed, came out from the airport and was waiting for the car. It was hot and I sensed a shade. Went there, while standing I looked above and I was shell-choked. I took shelter underneath a human-sized Aloe-vera plant! An Aloe-vera tree of human size!! Never ever expected that.

Photo of My travel to Botswana 1/1 by Soma Dey