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Guisi Lighthouse

It was 11am when we left the waterfalls for the lighthouse at Nueva Valencia. It was a long one-hour drive from the city proper and the waves visible from above are far from the term “raging” and closer to “terror” at sight. But then again, there goes the Guisi Lighthouse or the Faro de Punta Luzaran. Said to be the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines that was first lit in 1894. A beauty that stood the test of time.. history at its best. After Guisi, we stopped for our late lunch in a batchoyan by the road. There are more tourist sites and activites that Kuya Roque offered from island hopping, to old churches even savouring a mango pizza. How I wished we had more time but for now, we were thankful that we were given calm seas for our return voyage.