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Jiggy Boat Party I Jiggy Bar I Jiggy Island

Offbeat Voyagers
The boarding for the boat party finally started at 2:45 PM from the harbor. We were taken on a small boat towards the boat where the party was going to be held. After getting there, we went and got ourselves a table which can be obtained on a first come first serve basis. As soon as the boat set sail, the drinks menu was passed around and unsurprisingly they were overpriced. The music had already started and people started hitting the dance floor which was enough for us to do the same. After dancing for quite a while, free shots were announced for everyone on the dance floor which is when everybody got there. The shots were poured directly into our mouths after which we got back to dancing and interacting with other people. Around 2 hours and a few shots later, the boat came to a halt near Lombok which was the swimming spot. People started jumping off the first floor of the boat as well as the deck. There were life jackets provided in case anyone needed it. The dives were supervised so that no one got injured. After swimming for around half an hour, the boat turned back and started sailing towards Gili Trawangan. The journey was a mesmerizing one as we were sailing towards the sunset with beautiful hues in the sky. By the time the sun went down, most of the people were tired and retired to the nets in the front of the boat. At 8 PM we got back close to Gili Trawangan and were transferred onto the shuttle boat and headed back to the harbor.
Vignesh Venkat