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Gunung Kelimutu

After my stay at Flores Island the next task was hiking Gunung Kelimutu, and this early morning toil was worth the sight I saw!
Hiking Gunung Kelimutu, and the toil early in the morning was worth the sight I saw! The craters and the lakes over the Indonesian volcano were a natural wonder I had never seen before. I stood around all day, just to see my patience being rewarded with the most beautiful sights of the landscape and the shifting sun on the craters. And then came the Komodo Dragons, native to the Indonesians. As exquisite as they are, the ones I saw were just a few months old and I had never seen anything like them before! My pictures speak for the enchanted day I had. The entire day seemed so magical and mystical. The clouds sweeping around the mountain peaks, the volcanic soil igneous around the craters, and the test of time over the lake waters formed the image of serene beauty unfold its numerous meanings before my very eyes.