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Aditi Chaudhary
Day 11th, 27th May 2018 – our fingers were crossed and we were transferred to gravity office in Oludeniz. They said we can fly and a 32 teeth smile flashed across my face. All geared up we were transferred to Badabag Mountain for take-off. The ride up is steep and excitement was building. My pilot was slightly reserved and hence the rapport was not established at all. My friends pilot on contrary was very jovial and talkative and hence helped her calm down and not get anxious.My pilot loaded the backpack on to me and told me to run upon instruction. I began running and don’t know what happened but I fell and got dragged on the mountain bed until my pilot flew into the air. I was badly hurt and my thighs and shoulder were bleeding. The ride was smooth. I tried to calm myself by talking to the pilot constantly. Landing was smooth and we landed on the beach so the impact was bare minimum. The view of Oludeniz as you fly is breathtaking. It’s surreal. Even though I was bruised, I strongly trade this and it’s a must do thing to witness out worldly beauty.I personally felt that the pilot was defensive regarding my fall when I wrote a review. I had never flown before and had zero knowledge about the same. To expect the flyer will know exactly what to do without any briefing is a little inconsiderate. I can also question why he didn’t stop when I fell instead of dragging me on the mountain bed. But I took it as a consequence of extreme adventure sports and had no complaints until I received his reply for my review. I in fact praised the company for the amazing time I had while flying. My friend had the best time and her pilot was very comforting and sweet. It’s a must do thing if you visit Fethiye. You fly very slowly and descend is gradual so there is no jerk or discomfort while flying.