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sudeshna sarkar
As we were bored with daily hectic life we thought to go somewhere near by. The only place which came to our mind close to paradip was this resort. we opted out the option of going to puri because we dont want crowd . A peaceful place is what we three need to spend our time.Lotus resort is 110 km from Paradip. We didnt hire car as we have our own one. So on sunday morning we packed our bag and got ready for this resort.It took 3 hr from paradip to reach the spot through some village bumby roads. ( I have put up my detail video on my Youtube channel The Gallivant Rovers about this place) Do watch the video for information if you are planning to visit with your family and friends. Also do subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video.So we booked our room a day before our journey date. I was pretty nervous as this was the first time i will be going somewhere with my 20 mnth baby .As it was sunday the crowd was less. By 1 pm we reached the resort.  On the banks of kushabhadra river this place is truly a peace pagoda.Few things to rememberThe area doesnt have phone signalNo wifiCredit card machine doesnt work because of this.A beer cost 400 rs - Food is average but costly in comparison to the quality served.Tv didnt work ( we didnt care because the surrounding was beautiful)The booking can be done online  . Visit my Youtube page to know details.Check out the video : https://youtu.be/0RvSvHqJBj8
Disha Kapkoti
This festival was started in 2012 by a bunch of surfing enthusiasts, who wanted to make this silent East Coast the new hub of surfing yogis, as they call themselves. Since then, every year, the India Surf Festival is organised at Ramachandi Beach, near Konark. The festival includes a superb lineup of artists from around the world, open surfing events, skateboarding competitions, paddling for newbies and food and photography, which make it a one of the most sought after places to visit in Odisha and India.Get to know more about the India Surf Festival here.
Abhay Parmar