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TKP Garden City Umeda Osaka

Pallav Jain
Gate Tower :"if there is will, there is a way"After visiting Osaka, I could pretty much understand what it "literally" means.We often heard about interesting conflict between governments and original landlord during land acquisition for public infrastructure projects.While writing this blog, recent example from China stuck in my mind where an old couple fought with government not to vacant there home used to be "middle of road" and sadly of them it was demolished as it happen often is such cases (check image below).but in Japan, there is different mindset to "make things happen", the six lane world class road is fine example of Japanese negotiaion, engineering and cooperation skills as after 9 years of discussion from 1983 to 1992 results into The 71.9 m-tall building, with 3 out of 17 stories are "occupied" with an expressway and is fitted with a helipad on the roof!