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Kawarau River

Aakanksha Magan
Kawarau River is the most amazing river in Queenstown with fast-flowing rapids, standing waves and whirlpools and thus provides the best opportunities for some more exciting ventures such as white-water rafting and surfing. Your third day can be filled with some more adrenaline activities. The white-water rafting expedition can be one, which usually lasts for about four and half hours. And to make it even better, hop aboard a twin-engine turbine helicopter that will take you to the starting point of rafting.Activities for the day: White-water rafting on Kawarau River and helicopter ride to reach the starting point of rafting.Cost: Queenstown Rafting provides an amazing package combining the two above-mentioned activities for just 340 NZD or Rs. 16,000.
Aakanksha Magan
Framed by the meandering coves of Lake Wakatipu, and with one of the most scenic rivers of New Zealand flowing through it, the number of activities you can do in Queenstown are extensive. The most exciting of these are on the Kawarau River, whose milky white waters rushing and gushing offer bungee jumping, kayaking, jet boat rides and rafting.Activities for the day: Bungee jumping at Kawarau Bridge and jet boat ride on Kawarau River.Cost: Rs. 130 NZD or Rs. 6,005 per person. The cost is same whether you do it solo or with your partner. The jet boat ride is 145 NZD or Rs. 6,800 per person.
Sarita Nayak
We woke up the next day and got prepared for the Heli Hiking at Franz Josef. After having a delicious breakfast cooked by our host, we bid good bye to Hokitika and drove towards the glacier. It was drizzling and that enhanced the picturesque beauty of the place. Low clouds, high mountains, greenery all around, and roads that seemed to have led to infinity. All this happiness turned into a sad expression when we got a call that the Heli Hiking was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. Well, that was a moment where I really didn’t know how to react. Whether to be happy about the mesmerizing beauty all around or to be sad about the cancellation. Well, then we realized that New Zealand is a place of innumerable activities. We headed directly towards Queenstown and decided to go for one of the most daring adventures, bungee jumping. It was the first time that we were planning for a bungee, and I had a wish to touch the water. So, the only option for that was the Kawarau Bungy at Queentown. We registered and waited for our turn. It was Samir who took the first plunge and looking at him I felt it would be a cake walk for me. Then came my turn. I was harnessed and completed the safety check. It was my turn for the jump. For few seconds, I had no idea what was I blabbering (I heard all those blabber in the recorded video) and I asked the crew to push me. He did so. The next moment I was there screaming and enjoying the jump. That was an experience!
Kelli Mutchler
A suspension bridge over the Kawarau River marks the world home of bungee (bungy) jumping: the place where, in 1988, adventurists AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch leapt off a platform, attached only with an elastic rope. Now, their enterprise has spanned the globe, with six different bungee experiences in New Zealand alone. Plummet over a ravine from the Nevis, or slide off the Auckland Bridge. AJ Hackett is the oldest and safest name in bungee, and New Zealand provides some stunning scenery to accompany your jump.