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3 out of 9 attractions in Pahalgam


Kanika Justa
Chandanwari was our last spot of the day. It took us around 35-40 minutes to reach here. By the time we reached here it was almost time for sunset. There wasn't anyone else apart from one couple who were already coming back.
Aastha Maheshwari
Chandanwari bounded by the great Himalayas , green lush meadows in the corner of eyes and an exotic view of city calls for a perfect wallpaper material.
DAY 6: Pahalgam to Srinagar via Chandanwari
Sanhita Halder
Chadanwari , Its a starting point for "Amarnath Yatra" for all Lord Shiva Bhakt & drizzling rains are always ready to feel you more colder.
Indrarup Saha