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Pranav Risbud
Today I was in Pamukkale , to see the famous travertines , and the ruins of Hierapolis. My hostel was just a 5 minutes walk from the travertines. But today the weather was really windy and cloudy- not the best weather to visit the springs. I also had to wait for some time before going out, as it was raining for some time in the morning. Finally as the rains stopped, I stepped out to visit the famous world heritage sight , even though it was still really cold and windy. The first look of the travertines was really captivating, with their luminous white blanket covering the entire mountain. As you walk further on the white blanket of calcite, you come across the pools of warm water from the springs flowing from the top of the hill. However, I was a little disappointed to see that most of the pools were empty, with only a couple of them brimming with water. Although the sight still looked really beautiful. Adjacent to these travertines are the ruins of the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, which is famous for its well preserved theatre. This magnificent theatre has a capacity to accommodate a whopping 12000 spectators! The theatre as we see it today is completely restored from the ground with the first floor of it's stage also built entirely from the ruins at a very high cost.After spending the entire day seeing the travertines and Hierapolis, I went back to Denzli, to catch a night bus to my next destination - Cappadocia!
Aditi Chaudhary
Day 9th, 25th May 2018 – today’s day was a long one as we had booked a day trip to Pamukkale and Hierapolis via Intersky Travel for 129 TL per person. They came to pick us up at 6.15 am and we were taken to some really awful place for breakfast. Hardly any vegetarian options and not much of choice. Our guide explained us few things about local history in the area. Our first stop was at Hierapolis and it means sacred city. It has a seating capacity of 8 thousand people and in olden times was used for gladiator performances. It is in very good shape and has been maintained well. The seating in the theatre is as per ranks (Rich-Heroes-Normal). This signifies caste system prevalent then. The theatre is acoustic and a little ahead there is temple of Apollo which has an underground aqua duct system. Its’ extremely hot hence do remember to carry a cap or umbrella, good walking shoes and loads of water.
Briony Gonsalves
We headed to the Pamukkale also known as the cotton castle. We took the 9:15 am bus by Pamukkale Turizm from Selcuk that reached Pamukkale at 12:25 pm. We spent the day enjoying the natural springs and returned back to Selcuk by the evening bus that left Pamukkale at 16:00 pm and reached Selcuk at 7:30 pm.
Pamukkule is very small place with very nice people. The Pamukkale Thermal Pools and Amphitheatre are really amazing . I had seen lots of photos of Thermal pool and was excited to take some amazing photos but i was really disappointed as the day i went the water was not in the center of the thermal pools but on the sides . This is usually done by the govt to protect the thermal pools.