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Basilica of Bom Jesus

It is located in Old Goa and is a UNESCO World Heritage and it has the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier and was also the capital of Goa when during the Portuguese rule.
Basilica Of Bom JesusProbably the most famous church in Goa and one of the most revered by Christians globally, the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa is famed for housing the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. This complex, along with some other churches of Old Goa, features on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its exterior facade, built using black granite, is noted for Baroque architecture combined with Doric, Corinthian and composite influences.Inside, the main altar is 30-ft-broad and 54-ft-high and its pillars have been erected using basalt from Bassein (now Vasai, a town in Maharashtra), approximately 300 km away. 
3. Basilica of Bom Jesus, the most ancient churches in Goa
Suman Prabha
The sun shone bright and the we chose to visit the churches in old Goa. Our first choice was Bascillica of Bom Jesus; located in North Goa, it is principally known for preserving the mortals of St. Francis Xavier. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A highly interesting element adds to its glamour – the sound and light show, presenting the life journey of St. Francis.Tips: Please dress up modestly – no shorts, caps or hats. You’ll be nagged by some dress code policewomen if your outfit fails to sway below the knees.The scorching heat was beyond tolerance. So, we marched towards Panjim to reach our hotel room. Since our hotel was just at a stone’s throw away from the church, “Our Lady of Immaculate Conception”, we stopped by the monument for some candid clicks. This marvellous church houses the ancient bell that was removed from the Augustinian ruins of the church of Our Lady Of Grace. The bell is one of its kinds. As the name suggests, the facade of this church is painted in unsullied bright white. After glaring at the architecture to our heart’s content, we rushed back to our hotel rooms and got fresh.Later, in the evening, we picked colourful outfits in order to blend along with the eye catching views mounted in Fountain has – it’s a Portuguese heritage colony in Panjim popular for its chain of colourful houses and villas painted in bright yellow, blue, maroon and so on. It’s indeed a treat to the shutterbugs and easily paves its way quite smoothly to their galleries.We wound up our day two with a heritage walk in this enchanting colony flaunting wide-ranging hues one after another.
Family On Wheels
Since the Chapel of St. Sebastian was closed, my man decided to make it up by taking me to the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Sé Cathedral, even though they had been visited and admired many a times on our previous trips. The dark red laterite basilica stood as it always does, sombre and still and a silent witness to the passing of time while the Sé Cathedral glowed in the evening twilight and even with a fallen tower, stood in all its formidable glory as it had done for the last 400 years.
Suyash Jadhav
Our Itinerary for day 3 was, To visit Goa museum and churches of Goa and Visit Dauna Paula (Singham point) and Aguada Fort. Unfortunately as there were some construction work going we didn’t get to walk down to Dauna Paula however somehow we managed to at least walk till the barricades.Then came back to hotel, spent couple of hours enjoying the pool session as it was out last day in Goa . Did some shopping (If you know what I mean, as per demands we had from Pune people, Especially for our manager because he had approved our leaves only and only on condition that we’ll bring his STUFF from Goa) after dinner, and went to sleep as I had to longgg ride coming up next day.