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Pattaya Beach

Next i walked to Pattaya beach to enjoy the sun. It was indeed a hot sunny day and the beach was looking radiant in the sun. I sat at the beach side seats and enjoyed the view till late as i had an bus to my next destination i.e Phuket.At evening, i headed to my travel agency for catching the bus to Phuket. Pattaya to Phuket via bus is 16 hours overnight journey, even though the flights costs less compared to bus and time saving too but baggage allowances were not provided by any air freight hence i had to book a bus( If you guys have no constraints on baggage allowance or can pay extra then go for flight).I had booked the bus through Swadesee tour agency at 2000 INR and must say it was worth it..!! I loved the bus service, comfortable seats, leg room space, comfortable semi sleeper, blankets and refreshments are provided, dinner was free at a restaurant, toilets are available inside the bus , smooth drive by the driver. I boarded the bus at 5pm and i just dozed off to sleep and it was a very nice and peaceful sleep.
Jyoti Thakral
Now, it was fun time and we left the hotel to see what actual Pattaya is. Pattaya is famous for its adult entertainment industry but that is not the only thing about Pattaya. There are lot of family friendly attractions and activities you can do in Pattaya. We went to Pattaya beach first. It was bit crowded but a cool place to relax.
The VagabonG
Next Day, It's time to head for Bangkok
Day 2 I spent at Pattaya beach and coral island. I enjoyed parasailing, speed boat ride, sea walking, banana boat ride and scuba diving all by myself. I saw the colorful underwater life from the glass bottom boat.In the evening I relaxed myself with scientific Thai massage.Tip- Wear beach clothing, and take along lots of sunscreen lotion to rub it all over your body. The problem is, even if you use the best sunscreen, you will still come back from this trip with a darker skin. But as they say, tan lines will fade but the memories will last forever.