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Pattaya View Point

Ranjan Singh
20 minutes of walking and climbing a bit from my hostel took me to Pattaya Bay on a small hilltop,Pratumnak.P.S: Pattaya is a city i love to explore on foot as it not so big and has lot of walkways,yes it saves a lot of money and we get to know the place better when we walk along.Mostly visited for the view it has to offer,i was just awestruck seeing beautifully blended Gulf Of Thailand with sparkling city of was so refreshing and i had never seen anything like this earlier.It was 4 in the evening and didn’t wanted to miss the sunset.i sat there for almost 3-4 hours soaking beauty in to my eyes.took some mandatory photographs,enjoyed coffee with sun getting it’s time to go back(never wanted to)I felt in love with this place.