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Art in Paradise

Jyoti Thakral
We had also booked art in paradise museum. You have to Download art in paradise app for Clicking pictures with interesting views and live 3D effects..
shish ranjan singh
2. Art in ParadiseThis museum is the first 3D art museum in Thailand and the largest in the world. There are 3D printing and digital graphics everywhere. Graffiti is some of the areas are so amazing that you will fall in love with them.You can make a pose and click some beautiful and unforgettable pictures there. This place gives the unlimited opportunity for enjoyment and happiness.
Ram Porwal
You have enough time to spent in evening. "Art in Paradise" is must visit place. You can't stop yourself from taking 3D pictures there.
Preeti Choudhary
For second day we planned to do sightseeing on our own. So we went out to check very famous Art in Paradise which is a 3D art gallery. One can show off their acting and modelling skills here. Later we went to enjoy the evening at beach and became a part of songkran water festival.
Preeti Choudhary
Day 3- Today we had the option to decide where we want to go so just after breakfast we went to “Art in paradise”. It is a 3 D museum and probably the best place to get clicked. As soon as you enter the main gate the staff asks you to remove shoes so that paintings remain intact. I feel like brain works faster there cz it has to decide how to pose for every painting so that you just look like a part of that painting. Well the museum is a two floor building but it will take you more than 3 hrs if you pose with every painting. After completing our so called photo session we went to the gems gallery. Though we were not allowed to take pictures there but i still remember the shine of those gems. The beautiful artifacts made up of gems still haunt me????. After this scintillating treat to the eyes i felt like they need some rest. So we headed to the beach, had lunch and rested for an hr or two on the shacks. In evening we heard some noises so we went to have a look and to our surprise people were throwing water on one another. Then we got to know that its there Buddhist new year celebration “songkran” and bu throwing water they are dusting off the bad luck of previous year. We were not in a mood to get wet so we took the safe road which was far from that point. But as we were about to reach the other side a guy walked straight towards us with a tumbler full of water and the next thing i knew was we were soaked. Now that we were wet we planned to give others a bath as well. So we joined those people who were already wet and were now targeting others????. We were enjoying a lot but not as it was getting dark we were getting excited to party. We went to the hotel, got all dressed up and back to the hotel walking street. My mr. had a wish to watch Russian strippers so after roaming around for three times we finally found a Russian strip club. We were enjoying the show untill the girl came over to my husband and asked to put money in her stockings. He got so embarrassed (though i doubt it, i totally feel he enjoyed it) that we walked out of the club and back to the Indian disco. That was a funny end to the day.