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15 out of 106 attractions in pattaya
shish ranjan singh
When you think of travelling a place perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is the landscapes on offer. What is the versatility of that place are add on. When we think about a country such as Thailand the first perspective that strikes our mind is beaches. When we travel we essentially look for something extraordinary in ordinary. You look for pastures greener, water deeper, history more gratifying and mountains whiter. There is endless assimilation which we evolve and when we experience it…………………………….it tends to mesmerize us.Through my recent travel experience following are my favourite top five must-visit places from one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand not only amongst the Thais but from people all across the globe. Pattaya - Chapter 2 (Thailand Series)
The VagabonG
Reach Pattaya. Airport Bus to Pattaya costs around 300 baht
Akash Arora
In the evening we went to one of the less explored and cleaner Jomtien beach. The beach is a little far from main Pattaya street and is mostly surrounded by the residential complexes. But its comparatively lot cleaner and peaceful. So if someone is looking for good beaches, Jomtien is a must.