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Jomtien Beach Penthouses Pattaya Chon Buri Thailand

Swetha Kumar
Is a town on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand about 165 km south-east of Bangkok in Chonburi Province.
pooja thakkar
With less staff and really less noise and decent accessibility to the Jomtien Beach I'd definitely recommend this place anyone looking for a budgeted stay. Quick Tip - Ask for a room with a Balcony and you can chill there at late nights and early mornings with a pint or two. Also avoid rooms on 3rd, 4th or 5th floor as they DON'T have a lift, but potters who'll shove your luggage up in the room. Jomtien is a little away from the walking street and takes a good 15 minutes and a 10 baht ride in Song Taew to get there. Song Taews are the local taxis which look more like a cute mini bus where people just hop on and get down as and when they feel like. As Pattaya is relatively small most Song Taews go from Jomtien to Walking Street (the place to be at!) all you have to do is wave your hand and stop a Song Taew coming your way (at the beach side) the Song Taew will stop and hop in to stand or sit according to the occupancy, if you want to get off somewhere all you have to do is look for a button on the ceiling of the Song Taew press it and hop out to pay your fares to the driver. When you see Mc Donalds just hop out of your Song Taew and through one of the by-lanes you will land up at the Walking street.Jomtien as Beach is peaceful, pretty and has some basic water-sport activities like your jet-ski, banana boat ride and the colourful tubes which most indulge in alongwith happy beach chairs and the tastiest Narial Paani ever (Coconut water). There are safety ropes for people who wish to swim and inspite of alot of tourism the water is quite clean. The sunset and the sunrise are a must do out there and due to easily accessibility to the hotel room it gets very easy to reach there at the right time. At night it becomes a fun place to be at with people ghettoing around their cars and playing loud music and making merry. For the ladies there's one more night market there bang opposite the beach so after some usual chilling you can hit there as your male companions can be close and yet not so close to annoy you. We went in the month of December so it got pretty cold by the evening but not that cold as you would have to give your shorts and tshirts a skip. Also the beach has ample food supply, so if you are looking for meatballs and stuff on those lines you will get it all fresh right there but if you are a vegetarian the restaurants opposite the beach may just save your day after a cold refreshing swim in the water.
pooja thakkar
Malee Jomtien Room Service a super-secret hideout located in one of the many by-lanes opposite the pristine and laid-back Jomtien Beach of Pattaya shouts out loud VALUE FOR MONEY. We booked this place about 2 months in advance from Agoda for the new years 2014-2015 and we got amazingly cheap rates and when I say cheap I mean dirt cheap. We were mentally prepared to stay in a shady place with pathetic loos and dirty sheets but when we landed there whoa whoa whoa were taken in for a big time surprise. The rooms were big, clean and well maintained and same goes for the loos (very important). The main backdrop is only that the bed is really hard, it feels like you are sleeping on a bundle of cardboards covered by white bedsheet so that's one thing you should be prepared for if that is what your place of abode is going to be during your sojourn in Pattaya. Breakfast is complimentary and so is the Wifi, all across the hotel and the owner of the place is just adorably sweet.