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Mini Siam and Mini Europe

Endless Voyages
Make sure you have enough time in your hand while planning to visit this place as we can assure you that you will end up spending 4-5 hours easily. In Mini Siam, one can find mini structures of all the famous monuments across Europe, Africa, U.S and Asia and each of them is absolutely stunning! From Trevi Fountain to Abu Simbel to Eiffel Tower to Sydney Opera house to the Merlion Park of Singapore... you name it and you'll see it! Tip: Wait till it turns dark and they lit up every mini structure.. the sight is worth every penny you have spent.
Built in 1985 as a research experiment Mini Siam seems to have thrived. Getting down to the mundane specifics of transportation and entry fee, it is quite nominal. For an adult foreigner it is 300 Baht. It is open from 7 in the morning till 10 at night. There is also a food pavilion inside for hunger pangs. It is located just opposite to the Bangkok-Pattaya hospital. What with it colorful flora and fauna and little notes on the origins of the miniatures, it has the feel of an outdoor museum without the pomposity of culture attached to it. For kids, it is really fun. For a kid at heart, it’s still fun with a dash of knowledge.