We were greeted by Angela at The Blue Orchid Resort and she started the orientation for the day. We chatted a lot about our travels and she also showed me around the beautiful resort. The best part though was the honeymoon suite, which has all the amenities you can think of and the amazing view-deck from the top, where we saw the entire coastline of Moalboal. That was indeed the showstopper. They charge only 9400 PHP for it, which is a great deal looking at what you're getting in return. We also spoke to Steven (Angel's husband) and they are a Brit-Scottish couple respectively. We also met Julie (she takes care of marketing for the resort) and she is a Brit as well. They were so amiable and hospitable throughout our stay, that we couldn't ask for more. Samson (a lab who recently passed away) and Esmerelda (The Rufous Hornbill) were our playmates all day. They were so adorable.P.S. - The Wild Orchid Resort is WIP. It would be open to the public probably by next year. Richard is looking after it and it is worth a visit travelers.
There's also Moal Boal, the Pink beach you'd want to dive in. Located at the farther side of the island, this beach deserves a visit because of its pink shores. We didn't get this far because of our sudden desire to ride the RoRo (ferry boat) to Dumaguete. (That's another story.)