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September - May
Friends, Couples, Solo
1 out of 60 attractions in Pokhara


2. Watch the sunrise at Sarangkot simply for the golden glow that is cast over the Annapurna Range and the Pokhara Valley. The surreal image will stay with you forever and ever. Among the most surreal places to visit in Nepal.
well...oke.. since we reach Pokhara 2 days ago, my Himlayan Tenzin always request me todo Paragliding... actually its bit nervous.. was didnt want to.. even many time flying with the aircraft.. its still feel has no guts to do it hehe.. but after some though and this is a big chance to see the Himalaya View from Sarangkot, Alright! I decide to do it.and yess!!.. its was really the best experience Ive ever Had for the first time.. Flying across the hills.. the Phewa Lake..saw the Annapurna Mountain range..and I fly with big beautiful Falcon
Tania Banerjee
The uphill hiking in the dark to reach this point was totally worth it!