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Tropical Spice Plantation

Abhishta Kumar
On our way back we took a deviation, to check out the Tropical Spice plantation. We spent about three hours here. But one could easily spend a whole day here. We were exhausted roaming around the place. We headed out as, we had to return our rental car and catch our return bus from Panjim.We were happy the way this trip turned-out to be. We had made new experiences and had memories to cherish for life. This is our story of “A Goa, that no one knows about”.
Anusha Nakshathra
After 90 minutes on the road the next day, we reached the driveway of Tropical Spice Plantation. There's a restaurant/cafe right at the entrance of the plantation which looked very green. It was covered by plants of all sizes. Pots hung from every free space available and pots rested on every table while you ate. It felt extremely refreshing to be in the midst of so many plants while eating!
We reached the plantation quite early at around 12 noon ( it opens at 9 am ) and hence, only one other family had arrived. Usually they take a group tour of 10-15 people but today there were only 5 of us. After waiting for a couple of minutes, Preeti, our tour guide, took us for a 40-minute tour around the plantation explaining us everything and wowing us with intriguing trivia. Btw, did you know vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world?
Himani Khatreja
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Nandana Nallapu
On Friday, we went to Tropical Spice Plantation at Ponda. The cabbie charged us 3K, and we went about 20 minutes across Panjim. The plantation entrance itself is very grand with a wooden bridge amongst foliage that reminds you of soothing Eastern gardens. The 300 year old spice plantation has been changing hands and generations for 3 centuries now and is definitely a must visit. The ticket cost of 400 also includes a welcome drink, lunch, a tour and a sample of Feni. At the end of the tour, they poured a cup of water with aroma oils, down each visitor’s spine, which was very relaxing.On Saturday, we went to the beach and did para gliding. The locals charged us 600 per person and there were 5 of us. Each flight lasted about 8-10 minutes and it was a really nice experience. After that, we strolled about and went back to Prison in the evening.