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Isla del Pescado

Rising suddenly out of the Salar De Uyuni is this small Spanish-named island. The island is beautiful but shrouded in much mystery. Like where does the name come from. Pescado meaning fish in Spanish, some say it was named so since it looks like fish from afar. Another name given is Incahuasi, meaning Inca house due to some historical connection to the Inca empire. Anyway, this is one of the little and secluded spots of Bolivia with some excellent view.
Keith Russell
It takes a couple of hours of driving into the whiteness before we reach the Isla del Pescado in the heart of the salar, it’s a hilly island covered in Trichoreus cactus and surrounded by the flat white sea of salt. It feels man made, like part of a film set and after lunch we spend some time exploring the island.