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In the month of June, July
5PM to 12midnight
Rath Yatra, Dol Yatra, Jhulan Yatra
Rs 50
All year
1 out of 30 attractions in Puri

Jagannath Temple

Located in the eastern coast of India, the Jagannath Temple is a very famous sacred Hindu temple in India which is dedicated to God Jagannath. Unlike all other temples, the idol in this temple is made of wood which is replaced every 10 to 20 years with an exact replica carved on the wood of a holy tree. The temple covers an area of 40,000 sq ft. The walls surrounding the temple are 20 feet tall and are known as Meghananda Pacheri. The temple contains four entrances and is one of the most magnificient monuments in India. The Jagannath temple is also the tallest temple in Odisha. The top of the temple is called Srichakra-Eight spoked wheel of Vishnu. The Rath Yatra stands as a very important festival in this temple. The temple consists of three sacred deities - Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. Entry inside the temple is very selective, Non-Indian descent, who are practicing Hindus are not allowed inside the temple.
Our day started early as we decided to visit Shri. Jagganath Temple in the early morning at 5 am.
Arpa Mitra Vakharia
Temple visit: The central attraction of Puri is the Jagannath temple, which is usually crowded by a lot of pilgrimage from different parts of the country. Visit here for a spiritual experience and savior the most famous Puri khaja. We visited the temple on the same day evening. Part of the Charm Dham circuit, Jagannath Puri shrine is one of the four most important Hindu pilgrimage sites.Day 2: Konark temple and Chilka lake tour
Neha Bhise Sadalge
The Jagannath temple at Puri holds a lot of importance among Hindus. Built in the 12th century, it took three generations worth of effort to build this mighty historical structure. Part of the Char-Dham pilgrimage, Odisha sees millions of visitors flying down to seek blessings of Lord Jagannatha (Lord of the world or Krishna). The famous annual Rath Yatra sees gigantic idols of Lord Jagannatha and his siblings – brother Balarama and sister Subhadra being taken out in a huge procession to grace the devotees.While the rituals and traditions of this age-old temple are a source of fascination for many, this temple is steeped in mystery and has many unsolved riddles that seem to defy logic and science. Here are some famous mysteries that remain unexplained to date:The no-flying zone
Vaibhav Mishra
We reached in Puri at around 12 and waited in long queue to visit famous Shri Jagannath Puri temple. It is one of the 'four abodes' in India famous for pilgrimage. Lakhs of people from India and all around world comes to see and learn about the rich history of Shri Jagannath Puri Mandir. There is very famous public procession called "Rath Yatra" organised every year and lakhs of people come to witness the event.
Kanj Saurav
7. Rath Yatra30 lakh people following huge chariots in humidity and heavy rainfall. This is the scenario of Rath Yatra held in Jagannath Puri every year. People love their gods deeply and are in a state of trance to feel any pain or uneasiness, because gods fill them with bliss and joy.