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Sri Jagannath Temple

Sanjiv Shivan
Jagannath Darshan - Our day started with the darshan of lord Jagannath at puri in the morning which is like at the heart of Puri, a beautiful temple filled sacredness & eternity. Clicking photos are prohibited here so was unfortunate to have any of those Puri Beach - Now it was time to hit the beach, the puri beach extends alongside the Main road, you get lots of street stuff's over there. The beach is as common as the other beaches in India, but yes, everytime the fun is different.Chilika Lake -
Tejpal Choudhary
Jagannath Temple, Puri – The epitome of sheer magnificenceThis temple is one of the most visited places by the Hindu devotees due to the interesting scientific and traditional facts. It holds huge significance for the Hindu devotees on the Char-Dham pilgrimage. Only a few temples are around a thousand years old in India and this temple has that privilege. The complex surrounding the main temple has close to 120 temples in it.The main temple is in the center of the complex. They built the complex in a wide expanse of about 10 acres. There is an interesting thing about the flag on the top of the main temple of Jagannath.Every day, a priest changes the flag at the top of the mast. Also, one shouldn’t miss the Rath Yatra that takes place annually during the month of June or July. They bring out the idols of deities out to streets on a chariot pulled by thousands during this time.Also, interestingly, they replace these idols with their exact replicas once in every 12 or 19 years. The divine energy that drives millions of devotees to come to worship this place is worth a visit.
Arti Agarwal
The festival marks the journey of Lord Jagannath with Subhadra and Balram, where they visit the Gundeecha temple in 9 days, and then back to the main Jagannath temple.The crowds at the temple have a devotion and energy of a different kind. If you are new to Hindu festivals, you should be mentally prepared to get lost in a sea of people, all moving towards the same place - where the deities are sitting decked up in their chariots.As July is the month of monsoon, expect rain showers now and then. When it is not raining, the Sun is bright. It is important to carry water. Though at every few hundred feet, there are stalls of people offering free prasad and water to yatris. There are also people going around the entire area picking up plastics and other litter and keeping the place as clean as possible in the rainy season. The police ensure to keep the hawkers off the streets, so the yatris have more space to walk, and are not beleaguered by hawkers to buy something. But you can still find diyas if you would like to buy those to offer at the deity.
Jayashree Sengupta
Later in the day, the Jagannath temple was visited. Since photography was not allowed in the premises, it is advisable not to carry camera or else you have to deposit your things to a keeper outside the temple premises. Pandas (local pandits) are available for guiding you through the temple. The temple parts consists of the following in order as- Mukhashala (Frontal porch); Nat mandir (Audience Hall/Dancing Hall); Garba griha (Sanctum sanctorum) where the trio are lodged on the ratnavedi (Throne of Pearls); Bhog Mandap (Offerings Hall). The temple roof architecture is pyramidical and rise in steps coinciding to form the Shikhar where each day different flags are waved. Other notable small temples are there of similar forms- Vimala temple dedicated to goddess lakshmi, saraswati temple, surya temple etc. The rest of the day was again spent on the beach.
Chetali Dh
Jagannath Temple- "Jagannath Temple" is one of the 'HINDUS CHAR DHAM''. The Gods Jagannath, Balaram and the Goddess Subhadra are worshipped here. The Statues are made of big neem logs. Daily 56 food items are offered to God and same 'Bhog' is then disturbed to devotees as "Mahaparsad".