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Presidencia de la República

Neha Bhuchar
Change of guard ceremony: If you are in Quito on a Monday, you cannot miss the change of guard ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Quito main square. It is quite a show, especially when the President of Ecuador steps out in the Palace balcony to address the citizens, the country flag is hoisted and the national anthem is sung. Hundreds of people come by to witness the event every week at 11 am, filling the air with a warm patriotic feeling. One look around and you will be able to feel the place abuzz with numerous cathedrals and coffee shops! How to reach: Presidencia de la República or the Presidential Palace is located on Plaza Grande (or the main plaza) in Quito. If your hostel is in downtown, you can just walk to the main plaza, and if not, then you should take a local bus for only 25 cents!