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DAY 03 | SARAHAN – SANGLA - KALPADISTANCE & TIME TAKEN | APPROX. 125 KM / 6-7 HOURS, DRIVE, DEPENDS ON BREAKS YOU TAKE BETWEENOVERNIGHT | KALPAMEAL | BREAKFAST & DINNERLeave Sarahan exact at 08:00 am after the breakfast to enjoy vistas en route.Take a diversion from KARCHAM to SANGLA VALLEY. Visit SANGLA MEADOWS, KAMMRU FORT, BEIRNG NAG TEMPLE and TIBETAN WOOD CARVING CENTER. 85 Km drive from Sarahan.Have your lunch at Sangla and after lunch proceed drive to Kalpa (40 Km from Sangla). Upon arrival visit CHANDIKA DEVI TEMPLE. Enjoy the spectacular view of MT. KAILASH from your hotel.
Aarush Tandon
The last phase to Kalpa goes through pine woods and apple orchards.
From Kaza we drive to Kalpa village known for its wonderful apple orchards. The multifaceted view formed by the threesome of the grazing grounds, the fields and the apple groves is simply magical. You can be a part of this multicolored arena by volunteering to help the locals with their chores. A Spitian dinner waits for you as you end the day.Day 7: From Kalpa to Sarahan to Shimla
Gaurav Borra
Chitkool - KalpaOn the fourth day, we rejoined the Hindustan Tibet highway at Kharchham and continued our journey into Spiti valley. On our way we passed the well-known Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric Plant built on Sutlej and Baspa rivers. Built with an installed capacity of 1000MW, this power station mainly supplies power to Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.About 20 kilometers from Kharchham, Rekong Peo at 7513 feet is the head-quarters of the Kinnaur district and an important town of the area.A further 3 kilometers from Rekong Peo and at an elevation of 9711 feet is Kalpa, a little hamlet located at the base of the Kinnaur Kailash ranges. Surrounded by deodar, apple, and chilghoza (pinus gerardiana) trees, Kalpa on a clear day, affords a view of the famous Kinner Kailash in all its splendour.
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Day-4 (Extended Day3) Kufri – Kalpa (210km)Next Morning, we had some intense brainstorming on how are we going to spend rest of the days. It was equally frustrating about dropping the idea of riding through Spiti even before entering it. It was like breaking the heart of a traveller a thousand times. So before leaving for Manali, we decided to call Kaza headquarters to know the current situation of the landslides, and, BINGO, the news gave us an adrenaline rush. It was all clear. Though it was well past noon, we started on to complete the trip heading back again to Nako. Kufri to Nako is 300 km. By the time we reached Kalpa, covering 250 km of the leg, sun was set. We had crossed Kalpa village over 10 kms and Nako was still 40 kms ahead. Then we realised that we can’t go further and need to find a place for night halt.Kalpa is majorly an army area. Luckily, we found an Army personnel jogging outside an establishment which looked like a military guest house. No other place in vision to stay nearby, we requested him to let us stay there. After a good session of questioning, he allowed us. Gratitude to the army, that night stay added a good experience to our bucket of Spiti memories.
Kamal Tanwani
Episode 2 :
Here is the Travelogue for Day Two of the trip: https://traveldiaries.vacations/2017/10/14/spiti-circuit-day-two/
Lopamudra Mandal
Day 2, KalpaKalpa is not really a place where you can have things to do or places to go list. It is to sit back and enjoy the view, take long leisurely walks, eat the dal chawal and desi chicken and breathe the fresh air. We just chilled the second day, explored the place a little more, went to the monastery again, walked around apple orchids, talking to locals, meeting new people. Though we did plan to go to Roghi and I had almost walked half the distance when I realized it would get dark and I was not sure of how I could come back on my own after 5 pm so I didn't go all the way (next time I guess). For people who do want to explore a bit more can ask around for a trek from Kalpa called "Chakka Trek" it takes about 3-4 hours depending on your stamina and is a steep trek .
Lopamudra Mandal
Day 1: 11th August/12th August- Delhi- Rampur-KalpaWe had pre-booked the Deluxe AC bus from Delhi ISBT- Rampur Bushar(decent bus/less leg space/nothing like Volvo/Good for Rs 900) that leaves from Delhi at 7.25 pm and reaches Rampur around 9 am the next morning. Then we caught a bus for Peo (Recongpeo) at around 10.30 am which cost us about Rs 120 and please note that all the local buses that go till Peo are ordinary buses. These buses are frequent and take about 4-4.5 hours till Peo. We reached Peo by 2.30 and as Peo doesn't really have much to offer we moved to Kalpa which is 30 mins away from Peo and again very frequent buses from Peo-Kalpa-Roghi till evening 6 pm.This is the view that greeted us at Kalpa:
Saurabh Singh
I then took another bus which would take me to my first destination – Kalpa. From Reckog Peo, Kalpa is just about half an hour ride and plenty of local buses are available during day time. As our bus progressed, I noticed the views were only starting to get better. September is the harvest season for the very famous Kinnauri apples so I was bang on time. The apples were ripe and ready to be picked. The locals were generous enough to let me in their orchards and even have their home made apple juice which by the way was best I’ve ever had. I couldn’t help but notice how ”less becomes more”. These people are so friendly and are so content that it was evident from their smiling faces. Since it was already afternoon, I met some kids coming back from their schools who were more than happy to tell me more about the local places to visit.
Sameer Wadhwani
Next day we bid farewell to the Elysium and took to the roads for a midway halt at Shimla. The morning azure of sky adorned with fluffy clouds embracing the mystic mountains left us wistful that we can pack some of this fascinating illusion and take back with us enclosed in our coveted vaults to rejoice and rekindle that emprise after our bail is over.
Nayan Gupta
Day 4 (Kalpa)•Dying to experience snowfall, we decided to trek to “Chaka Peak” as we were supposed to get our lust for snow satisfied there.•Tried the local food of Himachal- Thukpa (similar to Soupy Noodles) and Momos (much bigger and tastier than what we get in Delhi) along with other delicacies before the trek.•After 6 hours of steep trek to the mountain, we experienced the snowflakes. Super excited, we took the winning selfies and decided to call it “snowfall” as trekking for another hour to reach to actual snow seemed impossible to us (Beta humse na ho payega).•A local, we met en-route to the top, accompanied us for the trek as a friendly gesture.•Had fruits, we were carrying, as there were no food joints on the way.•Knowingly or unknowingly, we took de-route and all three of us got separated on our way back. Three people, three different routes. It turned out to be really exciting and frightening experience as there was not even a single person on the mountain, we could take help of for our way back.•My phone being discharged, I tried to reach to our guest house at the earliest possible (without a single stop for 2 hours) to inform Kirti and Chitraj that “I’m alive and safe”. In the extra hour I earned, arranged for a surprise cake from Peo and a small treat for Kirti’s birthday the next day.•That re-union of us in our guest house after reaching back safely was the most memorable one.•Had an expensive but appetizing dinner at Himachal Tourism Guest House. We started our dinner with Gulab Jamun (dessert) and ended it with Gulab Jamun (dessert) as we couldn’t wait for the food to be ready.
Day 3 | Sangla – Chitkul – Sangla – KalpaLeave early to see beautiful Chitkul VillageVisit Kamru Fort at Sangla as well before going back to KalpaWatch the lovely sunset and sunrise (next day) at Kalpa over Mount Kinner KailashAbout 4 – 5 Hrs of total drive on this dayOvernight at Kalpa
kavya pant
The next paradise was Kalpa. The village will look like a fresh painting, irresistible and thoughtful. The charm of the place is the mighty view of Kinner Kailash range that crowns the village gracefully. I spent many lovely hours in the morning looking at the peaks and praising the beauty God has created.
After a hard day’s ride we reached Sangla by night. Inspite of riding at night, thankfully no wild creature attacked us, as Manu claimed. We were in no hurry in the morning to leave as we wanted to explore all of Kinnaur’s attraction. We visited Chhitkul, Reckong Peo and decided to stay at the most beautiful place of all – Kalpa and were lucky to enjoy our stay in the Circuit House. With Kinner Kailash in the vicinity, I don’t find the need to elaborate on the scenic beauty. We went for chai & pakoras to the local bazaar and were greeted with warmth by the locals. Then we visited a Buddhist Temple nearby where the entire life story of Buddha was painted on the walls and also a Vishnu Temple adjacent to it.We left early next morning and were greeted by the worst possible road conditions while leaving Kinnaur because of the Karcham – Wangtoo Hydroelectric Project. Somehow we managed to crawl through those kilometers and were halted again for 2 hours because of a blasting ahead. But as soon as one crosses Kinnaur, the roads are a treat. Since there was not much to see around and the weather had started getting hot, we started speeding, took a break for lunch and then stopped again only at Narkanda in the evening. We spent the night in Simla and started for Delhi next morning. As we crossed Dharampur, Ammy had a little accident and took the unbeatable lead of 6-4! We declared him the winner before Aman tried anything else to win. Battling the blazing sun and loo, we made it to Delhi by evening.Now over a week that we have been back but I still can’t get over the enticing valleys, nestled by the Great Himalayas; places that are home to ancient civilisations untainted by modernity and raw physical beauty unmatched outside those mountains. Another visit for sure is on the cards.
After about half hour uphill ride in the mountains I was at Kalpa bus stand. When I headed to look out for accommodation I was in for a shock - people told me that I wont be getting accommodation anywhere in Kinnaur valley because its a tourist season due to Dussehra- that was like a smack on the face ...after I asked few more lodges I got the same reply and some accommodations were priced too high- way off the budget...I didn't want to give up looking...I inquired with few other lodges to no avail. And then finally managed to get a cheap one but without an attached bathroom ( basically gotta use a common bathroom) anyway it was like finding a waterfalls in the desert after walking for few days in search of it ! Being a trekker, used to all kinds of restrooms so a non attached bathroom does not make a difference at all! After I checked into the room thanked the heavens for this blessing and to view Kinner Kailash mountain range from the window is something indescribable.
Parul Chopra
Next day we started our drive further crossing Kauri, Rampur and Karcham. There is a diversion either you take the road to Sangla Valley and Chitkul or you head towards Kalpa. We were in a hurry to reach Spiti so headed towards Kalpa..
Sudha Kumari
We started our journey early in the morning. Reached Karcham and from there we took right on highways towards pooh Traversed the most dangerous rugged ruble path through mountainsWe cross the Sutlej again to now drive along the left bank and come upon the ‘Most treacherous road in the world’ signboard.
Sudha Kumari
This was the last night we were to be in Kinnaur Valley . We loved everything about this places has to offer. The adventurous road , raksham , chitkul will remain in our memory forever. And we will soon plan Kinnaur vallley special travel in winter.Read about further travel in my next blog
Arun Singh
Day 3 | May 30 | Sangla to KalpaIt was the first day we got up early at 6 am and got ready for ride at 7:30 am. It was a cloudy and cold morning.Performed our necessary early morning bike checks before leaving for the day.
Ishan Vijayvergiya
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KALPA: The village with cleanest air in India. It is famous for its apple orchards. It remains closed and inaccessible mostly during winters. Through this place you can catch a glimpse of kinner kailash, most of the time kinner kailash is clouded over, and so when you finally get the chance to see it, it will blow you away, at least it did for me. In the morning we were lucky to get a special kinnauri breakfast, phafra with saag, it was delicious. After Kalpa it was time to head back home. These 15 days in himachal were truly amazing. It was mesmerizing! What a place!This blog was originally published on 'ANKITA.WANDRER'
Rahul Ganguly
On reaching Kalpa, I walked up to the impressive wood-carved Kalpa temple complex. This monument shows a blend of Indo-Tibetan design, merging Hindu motifs with intricate carvings of fire-breathing dragons. Walking around the little town I came to a tea stall with the most amazing view of the mountains. I sat around for a while, chatting with the shop owner and soaking in the sunset. Back in town, I headed to the bus terminus to figure out the bus to Kaza the day after. The gentleman at the counter asked me to reach the bus stand by 5:15am if I wanted a place to sit on the bus. I finished an early dinner of mutton noodle soup (70 Rupees) at a tiny shack at Peo market, bought a pair of extra gloves (50 Rupees), and returned to the hotel for a nice hot shower. By 10pm I was out cold, as the next day would have to be an early start up to Spiti Valley.
Vineet Kumar
Destination 3 - Kalpa/Reckong Peo: Kalpa is located off the NH22 at 9,711 feet above sea level and was part of the old Hindustan-Tibet Road. As we arrived in the evening, the first challenge was to find a budget hotel. We spent Rs 750/One day basic room with a balcony view of the Mount Kinnaur Kailash mountain range and the Chini village. Second day moved to stay closer towards the Kalpa Bus stand at 'Hotel Destination Kalpa', Good place to stay with a broader and much calmer view to the mountain range. You can check out with Mintu Thakur @+91-8894483421. They have properties in Sangla, Tabo and Kaza too.Kinnaur Kailash is the winter abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati, and famous for the Kinnaur Kailash Parikrama. Chini is an old village with market; wooden houses, temple (Lochawa La-khang), stupa and the local bus stand equipped with an ATM. Though there are no tourist spots to visit, the ecstatic charm and uninhibited feel of the village, and the apple orchards keeps travellers engaged. A morning walk towards Roghi Village offers some scenic valley views and the lovers/suicide point. We came back to Chini village and boarded a bus towards Peo to visit the Kinnaur Kalachakra buddhist monastery (The Great Statue of Lord Buddha of Kinnaur), the Kothi village, and the Chandika Devi temple. We hiked and explored the hidden temples and lanes less traversed too. In the afternoon, went to explore the Peo market. Peo is the district headquarters of Kinnaur.Important: If heading towards Nako-Tabo-Kaza and planning to catch the early morning bus from Peo, then it is advisable to stay near Peo bus stand rather than at Kalpa. The first bus to Kaza leaves around 7am and it’s a bit difficult to find transportation from Kalpa. If you are lucky, one will get a lift. Though we were not taking morning bus as we had plans to visit Moorang first. The bus to Moorang leaves at around 9.30am from Peo, we still find difficulty in getting local transportation from Kalpa to Peo bus stand. Thanks to a Kinnauri gentleman who dropped us to the Peo bus station on time to take the bus to Moorang village.