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Revdanda Fort

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5. Revdanda Fort
Our next destination was Korlai fort. We asked locals for direction. First you have to drive through a narrow alley. We could see the fort in distance, up in the mountain. The alley ended in the beach and you have to take another road through the mountain. The road is very narrow and extremely dangerous. It had beach and the sea deep down in the left and the mountain in the right. My advice is that, if you are a weak hearted fellow, just ask your driver to park the car in the beach and trek to the top. Believe me, it’s the more sensible option. But we were in the mountain with our car before understanding anything. Our driver uncle was one of the most confidant person I have ever seen in my life. He was driving as if it was a highway. It was a five-minute ride, but still couldn’t forget it. It was a small trek from there, in 10-15 minutes you will be in the top.
Muthu Venkatesh
After spending a good couple of hours inside exploring the fort, we hit the road again towards Kashid. Our next stop was in Revdanda where we wanted to do a quick check on this old Portuguese church that we found on google map, but what we discovered there was more than that.As we took off from the main road in search of the church, we were little aware that we were actually entering the ruins of a Portuguese fort. There were houses here and there amidst dense plantations and this one particular house had a grand but partially ruined Portuguese style entrance which we initially mistook for the church. As we went further inside a narrow alley , we could hear the distinguishing sound of waves breaking nearby. We walked towards the fort wall, where we a found a breach in it that lead us into to the beach. We found ourself awestruck in that strange and isolated beach with black sand and clear water. Coming straight from Alibag beach, this one felt like an heaven and we couldn't resist ourself getting into the water. Very soon one more group of wanderers and a couple of local folks too joined us in the beach. After a while of fun in the water we headed back into the fort and there we found this tall tower painted white and partially destroyed which we assumed as the Church tower we were looking for.