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Historic Marine

Anup Merkap
Before we headed back to our hotels we had a quick stop at the Phoenix departmental store for buying certain essentials like beers ;) and water bottles.Back at hotel when we relaxed by the pool we encountered what I believe was the best experience so far — An evening with the Sega dancers. These bunch of zealous local dancers whose smiles and steps are highly infectious. No one in the resort was spared and every one ended up forming a huge circle twirling their hips to the sensations performance.
Anup Merkap
Day 2 was a typical check list of events.First stop was at a ship factory where you could see some really exquisite pieces of artistry and craftsmanship. There were demonstrations of how these beautiful pieces were given their shape and some interesting trivia about them. The locals believe having these in your house brings in a lot of luck and prosperity. This is where you could do some souvenir shopping as well.