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Hrishikesh Baruah
The beauty of the campsite was beyond our comprehension. Everything was so calm and beautiful. Time suddenly slowed down. I wanted it to slow down more.Mahendra, Vishwa, Hrishikesh (Yes, there was 1 more Hrishi in the group. And I thought I had a unique name. We also had 2 Sourabha in the group BTW), and Jaggi had already reached, on their own. I felt it was a bit cold for a 1st day. Quickly we got introduced to our trek lead Rick, as well as trek guides Prahlad and Arvind. We introduced ourselves to all the fellow trekkers, and sleeping bag liners (which I lost later) and micro-spikes were given to us (just in case we had to traverse snow bridges). Also to note there will not be any phone signal for the next 7 days; just us and the mountains. Yayy!!!Of all Ramesh sir, Sanjyot ji, and Piyush sir had the most experience trekking in the Himalayas. Dinner was served; we all crawled back to our respective tents for a well deserved sleep. For tomorrow was going to be the start of a great journey...Day 2: Let the Trek CommenceWe woke up by 6 am, and tea was served by 7. It was exactly the morning you'll crave for; lush green surrounding, a fiery Rupin river with sparkling emerald green water flowing, and our fluttering orange tents. By 8 am packed lunch was ready, our bags packed and we all lined up for our destination was Sewa. We marched on, crossed a bridge and our long hike started.The 1st day of a trek in the Himalayas is always exciting and trekkers are eager to explore to find out what's in store. Its also the most tiring (mostly) day of the trek normally since people just started out and need some time to acclimatize to the new topography. Concrete jungles were suddenly replaced with green mountains with small waterfalls jotted everywhere, rushing people were replaced with smiling villagers, and honking cars were replaced with horses, mules, and sheep flock. The changes were unprecedented but necessary.The trails were quite steep initially, plus we were walking on a hot day. The trail was through hamlets, step farming, pine forests and some intricately designed wooden houses. Around 5 hours in the trail and we stopped for lunch.Lunch was ice cold by now. Sewa was not far now (well, that's what they said and we thought). Carrying your own backpack can be a painful decision, let me assure you. We also met a lot of beautiful kids who'll run to you asking for candies. Bhai, bhai bhai... Namaste! Mithai hai? Now if someone comes to you like this then who wouldn't budge. There you go, take all these that I have now. In fact ye bhi le le!