Castlefield 1/undefined by Tripoto


Mark Bratt
Day 1 We start in Castlefield Basin, a waterfront setting surrounded by converted canal warehouses and bars. After a brief familiarization with your new home; our 69ft narrowboat, we start cruising. Today we cruise through the center of Manchester. Our journey will include working through 9 locks. Locks are chambers of water that are filled or emptied to carry our 25 tonne narrowboat up or downhill. The locks are all manually operated, and once familiar with how they operate, you will be required to set locks ready for our passage. The first area we pass is Deansgate Locks; a stretch of nightclubs built into railway arches that are popular with out of town visitors. We then pass the site of the Hacienda Nightclub, one of the most famous clubs in the world, before continuing on through Manchester’s famous Gay Village. This part of the canal is off-limits to pedestrians and we have to clamber between pontoons and the boat, setting locks as we’re “gongoozled” by the Canal Street revelers. 2 hours and 9 locks later and we end up in Piccadilly Basin close to Manchester’s cool Northern Quarter. We’ll head out after dinner for a few drinks or some live Jazz, before strolling back to the boat for the first night aboard.