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Salzburg Cathedral (Dom)

Ruchika Makhija
Most famous tourist attraction in salzburg.
Hanley Russell
Moving on, we ran into one of those buildings that makes you go, “wow.” But, in Europe they are everywhere so you get in this habit of taking a million pictures and moving on. Right as we were about to make our way onto the next awaiting discovery, I saw people entering said magnificent building. Being one to never pass on adventure, I follow the crowd in hopes to not get kicked out. The word beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe how absolutely stunning it was. Talk about craftsman ship. This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist in the US. (This was impossible to get into one picture because of its massive size.) Forget Mozart’s birthplace and all the Sound of the Music jazz, if you ever find yourself in Salzburg, you MUST make it to the cathedral. Look for the big green domes, you can’t miss it.