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September - February
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Salzburg Hauptbahnof

Mahalakshmi Venkatesh
By the time I reached Salzburg, it was almost 6 pm and it was starting to get dark. Also I was quite tired after hiking for hours in the negative temperature zones. So off I went, straight ito a 6-bed mixed dormitory in the A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnof hostel to crash.Next morning when I woke up with a sore throat, I just wanted to continue sleeping. But the dreamy painting of Salzburg that hung on the hostel wall opposite my bunk bed urged me to freshen up and explore the reality around me. And that's exactly what I did! After grabbing a quick breakfast at the food forum close to the hostel, I was all set for the hike to the Hohensalzburg fortress. It was a half an hour walk from the hostel, right through the heart of the city, crossing over the river Salzach, leading into alley ways that made up the market squares on the other side and finally ending at the bottom of the long, steep stairway that wound its way to the fort which sat on the Festungsberg hill. On reaching the hill top, I bought my ticket at the entrance. I bought the 9 euro-ticket instead of the 11.50 ticket and gave the museums a skip. My best memories of Salzburg are from the time I spent at the portico in the fortress. In my opinion, it is the best place to get a bird's eye view of most of the city's attractions. From my vantage point, I could admire the pointed minarets and massive domes at eye-level. A lot of spots in the portico gave me different yet spectacular perspectives of the many wonders in Salzburg. In the distance I could see the river Salzach flowing through the old town. While the view points on one side of the portico offered exposure to the stunning Austrian architecture and its hilly backdrop, the other side opened up into the snow capped Austrian alps. It was evident how I was in a city cradled in the very lap of nature. Instantly I felt tiny yet content and the need for some food to grow into a strong adult again. So I decided to devour some lip-smacking Austrian sweet treats displayed outside a street-side cafe.On my way to the cafe, I never noticed the eccentric Eidelwiese winter flowers until a girl from Taiwan mistook me for a native and asked me about them. Even though she didnt get her answer, she seemed happy to have bumped into someone from her own continent. There's something immensely satisfying about meeting people along the way. They leave their mark and so do you :)