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Kerid Crater

shalbha sarda
It is rare to find a stunning neon blue lake inside of a volcanic caldera. In addition to the bright, sapphire-coloured waters, the steep slopes of the caldera's bowl are almost entirely covered in red volcanic rock and green moss make it even more colourful. Just try not to lose yourself in its beautiful blue eye.
Karishma Shaikh
She pointed us towards the country’s largest thermal power station and it was inordinate to see how the only thing cheap in Iceland was electricity. Our first official stop was supposed to be Kerið crater. But any human in their logical sense of mind needs coffee to function and hence that was our first stop. The thing you need to learn in Iceland is that it is SUPER expensive. Even bread costs 3 euros. I’ve literally lived on cereal, bananas, tuna, eggs, cheese, and bread. I ended up getting a baguette because once you’ve lived long enough in France, Baguette is essential for survival.