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Meiji Jingu

Divas Bahuguna
Husein Haveliwala
Kaustav Padmapati
Shrines of TokyoTokyo is a modern hustling bustling city featuring state of the art buildings, malls, shops, convenient stores, and different modes of public transport. However, you can find peace and harmony while roaming around among the beautiful shrines of Tokyo. I had the opportunity to visit three beautiful shrines in Tokyo:1) Meiji Jingu Shrine:Located in Kamizono-cho Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Meiji Jingu Shrine is among the most peaceful shrines of Tokyo. Built in 1920, deities of Emperor Meiji and his Consort Empress Shoken are enshrined in this beautiful temple. During the Meiji Era (1868- 1912), Japan flourished and prospered under the Emperor Meiji, who took various steps to make the country prosperous and culturally rich. During the Meiji Era, the actual foundation of the modern Japan was made. The shrine was built to commemorate the achievements of the Emperor Meiji. The original building was lost in fire during the World War II. The reconstruction of the present shrine is completed in 1958. The Shrine grounds have wide areas of about 175 acres. In addition to the magnificent architecture of the shrine, the place also has a treasure museum, the outer garden and the Meiji Memorial Hall. I was lucky enough to witness a traditional Japanese wedding at this beautiful shrine.
Sagar Pradhan
Time required: 3 Hours (2 PM-5PM)Cost: 500*2= 1000 YenLine: Fukutoshin Line from Shinjuku station to Kita- Sando stationTake a break and familiarize yourself with the roots of Japan by exploring Meiji Jingu Shrine. The sight of this large wooden gate will guide you straight into the shrine.For 500 yen, you can enter the ‘Treasure House’, and view many of the Emperor and Empress’ belongings, including their personal carriage.If you continue farther up the road, you will see another torii gate to your left. The Inner Garden is hidden in the forest beyond the gate and is known to be a ‘power spot’, so you can upgrade your spiritual status (or something like that) while enjoying the view of a wide range of flowers, for an entrance fee of 500 yen. (Leave by 4.20 PM)
Dianne Goh
The walk through Yoyogi Park to Meiji Jingu was a lovely walk especially in the late afternoon when the sunlight is streaming through the leaves of the trees. Its a peaceful walk. Visiting Meiji Jingu on New Year's Eve is also a great experience as many Japanese were there to make wishes for the new year. Get your fortune too!