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Harihareshwar Beach

Best time to visit : October-MarchI believe all of us are wanderers at heart, and sometimes it becomes necessary for that wanderer part of us to get away from our mundane lives,to explore something new. These getaways can come in form of day trips, weekend vacations or short backpacking trips, and they can satiate our wanderlust if not for long,then at least, for a short period of time.So this time , when the New Year's eve was approaching, and every other millennial around me was planning to hop around one or the other available pub in the city, my eyes were looking for something different, something that would help me unwind, in the true sense of the word. So, after a lot of internet surfing about "Some offbeat getaways in and around Pune" , I finally came across the name of this tiny beach town Harihareshwar in the district of Konkan, which is known for the quiet beach, which is usually not very crowded, unlike its counterparts.The journey was sort of a road trip, since we had decided to cover the distance of around 250kms driving on our own, this is an added advantage when you have friends who are experts behind the wheel. Ideally the journey should have been for 5 hours or so, but since the road was a beauty in itself, we decided to halt at a number of spots and breathe in some fresh air of the country side, and finally reached our destination after a good 7 hour journey. Would like to mention that, if you are visiting Harihareshwar from Pune by road, then do go by the Tamhini Ghat road also known as the Mulshi road, and you won't be bored for a second during your journey, trust me!!
Manish Deo
It was time to check out and head to Harihareshwar.Hardly 35 KMS away, we reached there by afternoon heading straight to Shiva temple first. Just on the sidelines of temple is the flawless beach. Sand being too hot at this time of the day can burn your feet. The beach has mud like textured sand which is very soft as it gets compressed when stepped upon. Advise you restrict entering deep inside, as one might get stuck due to ultra soft sand and due to its uneven sea bed.
Getting there: Harihareshwar is an easy weekend escape from the ever bustling city of Mumbai – around 150 kms from Panvel, the roads are mostly good except for a few patches, making it a 4 hour drive. The drive in itself is quite scenic. There are also state buses that take you there from Panvel, and even from Borivali. Why Harihareshwar: It is still mostly undisturbed, thankfully, unlike other beaches closer to Mumbai which are swarmed by tourists in the weekends who have dirtied the beaches end to end. The water is also not polluted, yet, leaving it clean enough to be transparent and reflect the blues of the sky. So it makes for an easy and beautiful weekend getaway from Mumbai, you can leave early Saturday morning and get back Sunday evening.Empty little stretches of peaceful shores: If you hit the main stretch of beach early in the morning or around sunset, you are likely to have the entire beach to yourself and may be a couple of more tiny figures far from you. But one day tourists start to arrive a little late in the mornings in groups and all the horse cart riding, quad bike riding (slowest quad bikes you will ever see) and other such Mumbai beachy activities start to happen. So avoid the main beach during the day. But there are quite a few other small stretches of shores that can be fully yours throughout the day, and the mountains at the edge of the sea give quite a few rocky shores where you can lounge around to enjoy the waves peacefully hitting the rocks and splashing a few drops of water over you.We chose to laze around on the rocky stretch of the shore right outside our hotel in the evening, playing the guitar and singing old Hindi songs, and witnessed one of the most peaceful and beautiful sunsets that we have ever seen. There was not another soul around apart from us, and the only sounds were the waves hitting the rocks and the crickets when the sunset neared. Absolute calmness. And all this just a few hours away from Mumbai – is such a blessing.There are also quite a few patches full of lush green trees, where you can take a short walk.
Shikha Bhatt
The First stop was Harihareshwar. This small village has a famous Shiva temple attached to Rocky beach is perfectly Located. The beach is attached to the temple. The way to the temple is dotted with small shops selling local artefacts and food items . The Beach is beautiful with rocky shore on on side and sand on the other.
Prathamesh sathe
Shrivardhan which is just around 30 Km. from Harihareshwar is another beach where in a well built promenade along the sea one can sit and relax in one of the shacks constructed for shelter on the beach.
Ronen Chordekar
If you are looking for a relaxing long weekend along the beach then visit Srivardhan & Harihareshwar. A subtle place to chill, relax and spend time with friends/family. We were a group of 8 friends who went on this backpacking trip starting from Pune in our Maruti Ertiga. Lots of sights to see along the way to Srivardhan which would indulge any avid photographer & traveller. Srivardhan is not a tidy beach, however the view is breathtaking. We stayed at Subhan Beach Resort which is a so-so place. Nothing too fancy however, it doesn't have anything special to boast about. A decent stay on the beach was what we got. Sunsets are a absolute bliss on this beach. We were lucky enough to witness some rain and lightening and man does it light the skies up ! Day 2 was when we decided to visit Harihareshwar which is a 25km ride from our resort. It was a rainy day, and we got to witness the best of it, winds and rains lashing throught, it was a fun drive till the entrance of the Harihareshwar Temple. The beach is just adjoining the temple and it was a spectacular view, you can ofcourse walk down to the rocky shoreline. We got to witness a dolphin and a calf having a casual swim along with a short glimpse of a tornado in formation. Finally when we thought all was over, we saw a cloudburst which was by far the most amazing thing we have ever seen. By sunset we were back to our resort at Srivardhan and the next day back to Mumbai. A great trip altogether !Places of Interest: Hotel Moonshine (excellent food all round), Harihareshwar Beach (go on the shoreline, you might get to see the dolphins)
Harihareshwar Temple & Beach :Then we moved to our next destination that is Harihareshwar temple & beach. By ferry we arihareshwar easily with half an hour & it was great experience to put car in that ferry (We never did so)
The next day was a Saturday which is when most of the crowd was expected to turn up. We were also going to be joined by my two other friends who fortunately had a much much better driver and hence an extremely decent bus ride. While there was a larger audience waiting on, we were still out of luck on the sightings front. We’d have to try our luck in the evening. We decided to spend our day visiting the nearby beaches of Srivardhan and Harihareshwar and make it in time for our evening ‘darshan’. The stakes were much higher as there were more people who travelled from near and far. The organizers had provided us with some assurance that morning. Hopes were held high not just by the four of us but the 100+ other people who we found ourselves surrounded by. But our “stars” here were clearly keen on building on the anticipation. There would be no hatchlings in sight on the evening of our Day 2 either! “Tomorrow for sure!” we were told (yet again). Hope wasn’t lost just yet. We decided to get away from the maddening crowd on the beach by getting on to a nearby hillock that overlooked the entire sea. That just had to be the best view ever of a coastline I’ve seen from high above. Back home we had prawns for dinner and believe me that it was the yummiest preparation I’d had in a while. Thank god for homestays and authentic home cooked meals. However around us there were more people as it was the weekend which meant that the quaint and modest village was suddenly a little too noisy with music blaring from some quarters. Sunday morning was a super-charged one. The energy was crazy. Everyone wanted to know whether or not we’d be lucky to sight any hatchlings as most would be returning back to the city by noon and wouldn’t have another chance. And then in true Bollywood style high on suspense the cane baskets were moved while the rest of us waited with bated breaths. Of the three nests, there weren’t any hatchlings in two. Yeah we did get lucky that Sunday morning when we saw two “turtlets” no bigger than the size of a wafer finally make an appearance for us. Needless to say the crowd was crazy excited and in spite being requested to shut off the flash light of their cameras, it had seemed to fall on deaf ears. The reason for the request is that because these “turtlets” would now make their way into the sea they are drawn towards the light of the sun – and the flashlight confuses them causing them to change the direction of their movement. But the two were stars never the less! The excitement didn’t seem to simmer down even after the two went into the sea. What euphoria! I’d never come this close to witnessing the magic of life – more so of another species. To think that out of all the eggs that are laid only 40% hatch; of which only 10% survive the big bad sea world. I was yet to truly understand the significance of ‘survival of the fittest!’ My friends made their way back to the city later that day but I was going to stay on for another – and no I didn’t get lucky a second time that Sunday evening because even though the eggs had hatched they hadn’t made it to the top – which is critical for the development of their flippers.
Prateek Parimal
The next morning we started off for our last stop, Harihareshwar which again was some one hour drive from Srivardhan. The road to this place surprisingly ends up into the parking lot of a hotel cum resort and is quite confusing. There's a narrow by-lane just before that hotel which sneaks up to the beach, unlike our earlier two destinations. Thankfully Harihareshwar broke our melancholy and we could spot hills on the both sides of the beach. It was around 11 in the morning with bright sunshine. Although the beach seemed a private place(no one enjoying the sea) yet we could see a lot of people on the rocks on one side of the beach. We kept moving in that direction to find a lane which were dotted with shops selling locally made stuffs as well as something to eat. It ended into the Harihareshwar temple from which the beach has got its name. There's a flight of stairs which goes upto the hill from behind the temple and we kept following it. Climbing them under the harsh sunshine was not a pleasant experience but the panoramic view of the beach from the hill top was. The path took us to the other side of the hill from where it was a steep discend. Until now it seemed that we are on a trekking trip with water all around us. As soon as we came down, we were surrounded with freakishly sea-waves-carved mountains on one side and the gushing waves on the other. For a moment I felt like I am at some place in the famous Game of Thrones series! Over hundreds of years these rocks kept washed by the sea waves during high tides, resulting in such amazing sculptures. The place was a photographer's delight and we could see a lot of people trying to strike different poses. These rocky structures were all along the beach on one side as long as our vision permitted. The wind was blowing at great speed making us oblivious of the bright sun. We even spotted a ravishing fish, the exquisite colours it had added a glint in our eyes. Lying on the stones with its eyes open, this was one of the most captivating moments we had one this trip. This also proved the point that at night the whole place gets covered under water!We returned back from our small trek to found a place to stay. Again it didn't have much options like Diveagar but definitely more than Srivardhan! We took a bath in the evening and relaxed in our rooms to get charged for the last night. It was a full moon and all we can see was the white sand making it quite romantic. The sea seemed quite furious with water covering all over those places where we had a good time in the day. We kept sitting idle under the moon looking onto the waves which was quite soothing an experience. Intermittently people in small groups came running by but ultimately we were the last ones till around 3 am. We started our walk back to our stay and found nobody awake in the whole area. It was dead silence all around the village, a great respite from 'people' who are everywhere in Mumbai! I guess this is what weekend getaways are meant for!
Shikha Bhatt
The First stop was Harihareshwar. This small village has a famous Shiva temple attached to Rocky beach is perfectly Located. The beach is attached to the temple. The way to the temple is dotted with small shops selling local artefacts and food items. The Beach is beautiful with rocky shore on on side and sand on the other.
Jimki Sarma
Post lunch, we started for Harihareshwar - a temple village and beach about 40 km South of Diveagar. The road unveiled in front of us some of the best landscapes. The coastal road that led us to our destination was meandering between forests on one side and the vast sprawling sea on the other. Those moments are to be captured in our hearts and cherished forever. The gleaming sea and flaming forests on either side - as if we were riding between some ancient settings! Temples can be that quiet and inviting - I never experienced it! The red and yellow ancient temple was a welcoming treat to our souls. We sat there spellbind by the unknown and unseen force.. the soft ringing of the temple bells, the sound of the waves, the sound of hushed voices of travellers - a temple worth visiting and revisiting! We spent quality time on the beach chasing waves or rather chased by them, clicking pictures and savouring the local sweets and snacks. We decided to witness the sunset there itself and soon found a place to sit and enjoy the view - on a large rock at the tip of the sea. Ah! the sun with all its glory bid adieu for the day and melted into the sea. The view of the sunset was enthralling and enough to make us exhilarated.The return journey was full of adventures as the road was pitch dark and not a single soul was on sight. The eerie silence of the woods and the road made the return journey a memorable one. The place never ceases to surprise! The perfect day came to an end with yet another lavish spread of home cooked fish dish. The next morning was entirely dedicated to the Diveagar beach and surrounding areas. The neat and sprawling beach was not at all crowded. We grown ups yet again relived our golden childhood - chasing each other, playing with the waves! The soft morning sun rays kissed the beaches and our faces.The time has come to return with many untold stories and remembrance in our hearts.A hidden tiny village in Maharashtra where I lost my heart, again!!! A charming little place with view and food to die for!The stunning sunset! The quiet temple!
Devashish Patel
After Aaravi beach, we halted at Harihareshwar MTDC Resort.The next day, we decided to explore all the way upto Velas beach along the coastal road. We reached the Bagmandala village, once we crossed the hills of Harihareshwar. Bagmandala is a tiny village, It holds an important place in Maratha history. The Peshwa (Prime-minister) of the Maratha empire lived here for many years. There is also a Peshwa Smarak in the village.However, the prime attraction of the Bagmanadal is the jungle jetty that is is used to carry people and vehicular traffic on the other end of the mighty Savitri river.
Manish Deo
Next we went to a road side food stall near local hospital to stuff ourselves. They served delicious puri bhaji, misal pav and tea. While walking back to hotel, we spotted a secondary school and I had to capture it because of the fact that we are so used to seeing modern schools in cities. The care taker welcomed us inside when he saw us clicking outside the gate. These few things make you fall in love and connect with villages in India.
Prathamesh sathe