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Kruger National Park

Nikita Mathur
Neha Chauhan
Day 4: Start your day as early as 5am to see animals drinking water etc.Again if you have car, you can get the map from entry gate and drive inside which ever way you want. can halt at any location but stepping outside is not safe nor it is allowed. Else you can book a Safari and they will show you animals and take you back. But its not fun. Unless you find & spot them on your own.Follow the Rules & Respect the Animals else it will be dangerous as you are about to enter a real harshest Forest. These are real wild animals who will tear you apart if they wish to :)
Kruger National Park turned out to be better than expected. Spending so much time in the african bush, triggered in us this love for nature buried somewhere deep down within us. If you get an opportunity, we strongly recommend experiencing animal safaris anywhere accessible to you, doesn't matter where you are in the world.Kruger National Park, vlog 1
Sumedha Bharpilania
Anushree Shenoy
If its Africa, it’s got to be wildlife. No African experience is complete without a good wildlife safari & witnessing the Big 5 in all its majesty. We had two days here and so we took full-day safaris which would mean higher probability of seeing the Big 5. Growing up on NatGeo and Animal Planet & being a wildlife enthusiast, I was really hoping to catch the drama of a chase.. Alas, that didn’t happen but we did see the elusive leopard parched high up on a tree trunk & a lot of the other magnificent animals. The experience of being in an African wildlife reserve is nothing short of surreal.