Agulhas 1/undefined by Tripoto


Vaibhav Annam
Next day would turn out to be one helluva road journey. I decided to go to L’Agulhas – the southernmost tip of Africa. From Stellenbosch, as I made my way south, I reached a place called Gordons bay. And this is where I saw the stunning road ahead – Atlantic Ocean on one side and the hills on the other. I reached a place called Pringle Bay which has an almost deserted and peaceful beach. From there I went to Betty’s Bay, which is a must-visit place if you are a penguin lover. I then proceeded to Hermanus – a sleepy town which if frequently visited by the Brits. It was already past afternoon and I really wanted to reach L’Agulhas before sunset. Making my way via a shortcut through Elim and L’Agulhas National Park (while greeting countless Ostriches on the way), I reached the point where the cold Atlantic and the warm Indian Oceans meet - L'Agulhas. There is a shipwreck close-by and I made it just in time to catch the sunset behind a shipwreck (photographers, note this). My night halt was in Swellendam, a good 100 kilometers from L’Agulhas. And driving post sunset there can be tricky. So avoid it if you have an option.