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3. Hot Air Ballooning
The next day we reached to Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn is the ostrich capital of the world. Nowhere else are ostriches found in such great number and nowhere else do they produce feathers of such fine quality, This happens to be the world’s biggest bird habitat. Here we also understood the difference between Ostrich and Emu. (Emus are the second largest birds in the world and the largest birds native to Australia. Ostrich is the largest bird in the world by height and a native of Africa.)
Priya Pareek
On the third day of your trip proceed for Knysna through Mossel Bay, a harbour town. Upon arrival, visit the largest museum in this town or Bartolomeu Dias Museum complex. Next head to national heritage site Post Office Tree, which is a book-shaped post box under the tree. Continue to Knysna.Where to eatThe Olive Tree, Raasoie, Café Z, Mon Petit Pain, Freshline Fisheries and Caffe Mario are some of the best places to eat here.Where to stayBudget: Knysna Inn. Cost starts from ₹3116 per night excluding breakfast.Luxury: Parkes Manor. Cost starts from ₹8382 per night excluding breakfast.You can check out more options here.
Start early from P.E as you’ll be embarking on a long 4-hour drive to the ‘Ostrich Capital Of The World’, Oudtshoorn. As you get closer to the main town, you’ll be greeted with Ostriches running about in farms on either side of the road.On the first day, restrict yourself to visiting an Ostrich farm in the region and treat yourself to the region’s speciality Ostrich burger (if you’re up to experimenting). On the second day, visit the infamous Cango Wildlife Ranch where more than 100 species of animals are conserved with care. Apart from spotting Madagascar Lemurs, Cheetahs, and Giant Tegus, you can test your mettle by diving in a cage surrounded by Nile Crocodiles. If time permits, drop by the 'Cango Caves' that are as much as 20-million years old!
Ajinkya Sabale
The breakfast at Rex was very delicious. We had some traditional breads, salmon omlette, fresh juices. We headed towards Oudthshoorn Town.Cango Caves,Cango Wildlife Ranch,Safari Ostrich Farm were the places that we visited. All these places are within 15kms range.Africa is famous for its food culture also. We tried Ostrich Burger at one restaurant at Cango Caves. The delicious one. Cango Caves are naturally created caves. You may find these kind of caves around the world but the most interesting things about the caves are these caves are not fully discovered. Some parts of the cave are under discovery and end is not found yet.Cango wild life ranch is the place where you find variety of animals and bird species.At the end, around 4pm, we visited Safari Ostrich Farm. During your drive you can see many ostrich farms in this area. Safari Ostrich Farm is the most popular one. We had Ostrich Ride. Ostriches were from Kenya , Zimbabwe , Australia and South Africa. We returned to Knysna around 6pm. Spent evening at waterfront. We had dinner at Indian Restaurant Rasoi.