Pretoria 1/undefined by Tripoto


Sammy Mseleku
The rest of the way was full on music listening and reading a book I wanted to finish. My dear friend next to me was absorbed into this book I got. Reading on the way is apparently the next big thing.But of course the battery didn't last for long because when we came out it was too long gone. Sad. I know. I felt as I came out that bus. But the guy who was taking us- his name is Thato- was quite chilled, call me dismissive but I hate uncomfortable situations. The whole way way was relatively expected. Like asking questions, laughing it out, getting through all the frowns over candy but tired smiles. With happiness in our hearts we drove the whole way to The Orchards. The Orchards is very well collected, a secure neighborhood suburbia of dried up trees and bare grass showing brown.The bricked house awaited us and I marveled at its coffee stained brown modern interior. I wondered if my friends were seeing this glory. Fast paced spirits and chit chat long all night without even worrying about time. It was still eleven o'clock when were still getting used to Gali, a pretty young girl we were making friends with. Her mother, like Esther, her name is Juju, is a very beautiful serious eldest sister of Esther's family. Her younger sister Lesedi has this amazing smile- a warm tingling sensation fills your stomach and like butterflies I felt at home despite the hot night. With plans in gear, I slept with a smile painted on my face.Day 2 The second day was spent with the few hours drifting in and out of intense sleeping and before I knew it, it was time to actually wake up. Eight o'clock was forcing us out of bed.
Sumedha Bharpilania