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Kangaroo Island

Nabeel Ahmed
The most famous marsupial island in the world is undoubtedly one of the 10 must see places in Australia. On the island you will have the opportunity to get close to its harmless locals and learn more about the preservation of Australia's wildlife.
7. Hug a Koala and Feed a KangarooOne of our favorite part of Australia was a trip to Kangaroo Island! Yes, an entire island named after the Kangaroos. The island is like a windows wallpaper, and one of its kind. You can feed a Kangaroo, watch the little joeys tucked in their pockets, admire the sea-lions jump into the ocean and even hug a Koala! We would highly recommend staying a night in the island but you can also do a day trip from Adelaide. A more domesticated version of this would be to visit the Koala garden in Kuranda Village, in Cairns.8. Learn Skiing
Sreshti Verma
Where: AustraliaSituated off the coast of Adelaide, the Kangaroo Island is a protected natural reserve as it serves as a home to several wildlife species, including endangered ones. Sea lions, koalas and of course, kangaroos are native to the island, and are seen in abundance. The Kangaroo Island is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers.Weather: Average temperature remains a chilly 15 Celsius throughout July. But the minimum temperature drops as low as 4 degree Celsius. Note that July is the peak of winters in the Southern Hemisphere.