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Abhinav Singh
The peaceful Chuncheon is just 75 kms away from the bustling big city Seoul. You can reach here by car, train and bus. It is just 2 hours away from Seoul. It you are an outdoors person you will love Chuncheon. It has rivers meandering through hills, making it a perfect place for outdoor activities such as hiking etc.Things to do in Chuncheon Visit the ancient Cheongpyeong-sa Temple. The walk to the temple is scenic as it is punctuated with water steams, waterfalls and trees. It is half an hour car ride away from Chuncheon's central station.Gangchon Ski Resort: You may want to practice skiing. You can avail a free shuttle and reach the resort in 30 minutes.Jungdo: It is a beautiful island on the Soyang river. You can arrive here by a ferry. You can do biking and hiking here. You can also camp here.