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Sudipta Nandy
Next we went to see the Gullfoss Waterfall .
nidhi patnaik
Gullfoss – A divine waterfall located in a canyonOur next stop was an incredible waterfall which is also my favorite. It is one of the Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls out of the numerous amazing waterfalls here. It is located near a canyon making it one-of-a-kind.We followed a walking trail to go down and could spot the huge waterfall from a distance. The trail took us closer to the waterfall with the powerful force of the fall spraying water on us. The enormous waterfall was falling with so much intensity that it was generating an immense spray of water.The roaring sound of the water was like a melodious never ending rhythm of life which never falters and just goes on forever. Looking at the gigantic waterfall gave me goosebumps as I have never seen anything so miraculous and powerful before.The power of Mother Nature is astounding and seeing something like this made me realize that is there is nothing above the creator of such majestic things like this waterfall in front of which I was standing. I and my so called imperfect world were so much smaller and insignificant in front of this that I felt like bowing down in front of it and saluting it’s power and beauty.The infinite amount of admiration we had for this place made us stay here to enjoy being around the waterfall and capturing some moments with this gigantic beauty. We further went up to the higher view point which provided the view of the entire waterfall from a distance but nothing can beat the feeling of the up close views especially with very few people around as we reached here late in the evening.The trail hugging the waterfall is a pretty sight to look at from the higher elevated view point. It was still daylight and we were happy to make full use of the midnight sun as the sunset in Reykjavik was around 12:00 AM.
Shalbha Sarda
What's unique about this place is that active geysers like Strokkur are rare around the world and many conditions must be met for them to form. They are only found in highly active geothermal areas. It is the greatest active geyser on site and erupts more regularly than many geysers ever did blasting water up to a height of 40 m.
Shalbha Sarda
Gullfoss is one of the country's signature waterfalls and it is no surprise why. Think of any waterfall you have been to, chances are pretty high that you viewed that waterfall from the bottom! Gullfoss Waterfall is unique because you view the falls from above and it appears that the waterfall is going underground. Gullfoss plunges into a gorge of foaming water so there is no way you could even view it from the bottom.There are multiple angles from where you can view Gullfoss from above and each offers a stunning perspective of the powerful waterfall crashing into the river below. Seeing a waterfall seemingly disappear into the earth is a very memorable experience!
Karishma Shaikh
Next up was Gullfoss or “Golden Falls”. So Foss basically means waterfalls in Icelandic. Standing above the 105 feet high magnificent beast you are flabbergasted by beauty. Huge, exquisite and fierce. Falling into the rocky canyons and gushing with a cloud of mist, this waterfall is everything and more I imagined it to be. Once upon a time, there was supposed to be dam around these waterfalls but Sigríður Tómasdóttir saved it. She is considered as the savior of this iconic splendor and I couldn’t agree more. It would have been such a shame to have lost the magic of nature to human deficiencies. You have 2 points of view for the falls. One very close and one from the above. Personally, I loved it when I was closer to the falls. The water being sprinkled everywhere, the noise of gushing water and the immense pleasure of being a part of such phenomena of nature.