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The Wandering Chubbies
In this video, we cover the 3rd part of our travel. We started from our small farm/guest house in a small village about an hours drive west of Selfoss. The day's itinerary was to cover the famous Gulfoss - a really wide rapid waterfall, and the Strokurr geyser - that periodically erupted, throwing out hot water from the earth below. it was the first time in our trip that it was pretty sunny, and we were lucky to witness the rainbow over Gulfoss - something that amazed us greatly.
Ishita Bhowmik
Gulfoss - the rainbows that form there caught our eyes before the waterfall made its way. It is an extraordinary waterfall which is often compared to the Niagara Falls. Our lunch session happened just there in front of the waterfall, around 5pm since we lost track of time while exploring the same. We soon drove off after that, and were on our way to the camp site when at around 11pm in the night, while it was still sunlit we chanced upon Seljalandsfoss, the waterfall which is famous since people can go behind it and experience the setting sun.People generally chose the spot to propose to their loved ones; would be spouses. One such couple caught me off guard when they asked me to photoshoot for them while they were at it with a waterproof ring in hand!It’s again one of the prime waterfalls of Iceland which should not be missed, in all it's glory its just amazing.Our day soon ended, when we reached our campsite at Vik, where post setting up our camp we had some chat sessions with an Irish guy who had travelled 48 countries and apparently had caught malaria while in India. Post quite some knowledge sharing there, we were finally tired enough to sleep.