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Divya Iyer
6. See the world from behind a waterfallSeljalandsfoss is a picturesque and majestic waterfall which you can access from behind through a walking trail. It is located on the ring road and you can’t miss it.
Devansh Dhar
Place to stay: I slept at the campsite adjacent to Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. The incredibly friendly care taker shared a tonne of facts about the Icelanders and the legend of the Vikings. Turns out that 'The Mountain' of GOT fame is his batchmate ! And there was a very friendly and chubby cat who very comfortably slept on my chest for the night.
Devansh Dhar
Stop 4 - Seljalandsfoss
Michele Herrmann
While en route, we made stops at these outdoor marvels. At Seljalandsfoss, there is a trail that leads you literally go behind these falls. Starting from the right, the trail winds around the back of the waterfall going underneath a cavern. Here, you can see and hear up close the continuing water. Then, you can head back out to the left to climb up a viewing area to check a different angle of Seljalandsfoss. Be careful, too, as these spots can be slippery.