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1 out of 5 attractions in Skogar
Sai Chandrasekhar
It was past noon and the rain slowed down a bit. Majority of our day was already a damp squib so we decided we'd drive through the rain and cover Skogafoss, keeping Seljalandsfoss for the sunrise next morning.Skogafoss is probably the most famous waterfall in Iceland having featured in Game of Thrones multiple times (Latest in S08E01 where Dany and Jon kiss) and Justin Beiber's I'll show you. Now this location had crowd! We spent 3-4 hours here just soaking in the madness of this waterfall and taking pictures. I spent a good bit taking some photographs of the waterfall.
shalbha sarda
Iceland's most beautiful waterfall is fed directly from two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull. The water cascades from a height of 200 ft. Due to the amount of spray produced by the cascade, you can see at least one rainbow over the falls any time any day! Once you are done marvelling at Skokgafoss from below, head to your right where you will 500 steep steps leading to an observation platform for a staggering view of the Atlantic Ocean and the South Iceland coast.
shalbha sarda
The purple fields- of all the colors you’d expect to see in Iceland purple might be the least of it. Iceland is brimming with vibrant purple flower fields, stretching as far as the eye can see. And, if it looks out of place in Iceland’s typically mossy scenery, it’s for good reason – the plant is actually an alien species. The Alaskan lupine was imported from Alaska by the Icelandic Forest Service to fight soil erosion, which has been a problem in Iceland since the first Viking settlers landed. And now they are literally omnipresent in the country during the summer months. One of the easiest fields to reach is along the Ring Road is in South Iceland between Skokgafoss and the town of Vik.
Devansh Dhar
The mighty Skogafoss waterfall was where I started my day. The wind was so strong that all the photographers were having a tough time taking pictures as their lenses were covered by mist. There were a few words flying high in front of the fall. A series of steel steps led to the top of the waterfall and it was a sight to behold. The river coming at the slowest pace and then taking a sheer vertical plunge of 30 metres or more and impacting the ground in all its might.
Divya Iyer
Oh and if you haven’t spotted the pattern, foss means waterfall!10. Eat a Sheep’s head and prove your Viking status