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Divya Iyer
Iceland is one of the few countries that allow you to walk on glaciers and with global warming killing these glaciers each day, you better make it quick. 2 glacier tongues that are most commonly hiked are Solheimajokull and Svinafellsjokull ( part of the massive glaciers Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnojokull respectively).I went to the Solheimajokull glacier and to making things interesting is the volcano Katla sleeping just below.
Roopal Patel
I cap off this trip to Iceland with what really fills my soul: Adventure. It was rainy, windy and freezing cold (5 degree) but the experience I had today hiking a Sólheimajökull Glacier is totally unmatched. A journey through a frozen maze of towering ice formations, sinkholes, jagged ridges and deep blue crevasses!
Michele Herrmann
In addition to waterfalls, Iceland’s glaciers are a beauty unto themselves. You can actually book tours to climb them, or simply walk near them. The day’s itinerary included a spot at the amazing Solheimajökull glacier, an outlet of an ice cap known as Mýrdalsjökull. You can walk up to this glacier, and get close enough to touch the ice and see the river next to it. My time outdoors ended with a jaunt to Dyrholaey Nature Reserve, not too far from the town of Vik. Since 1978, this marine protected area consists of cliffs and a rock archway where puffins and other species of birds come to roost. Unfortunately, on this day, the weather suddenly changed and didn’t want to cooperate on giving us a clear view. However, it is neat to walk around here. And, of course, be careful near the edges.
Yanting Chan
Ice picking our way through on the glacier walk on Sólheimajökull Glacier was quite the dream. Although we were guided through the labyrinth of a glacier tongue extending down from the fourth biggest glacier in Iceland, the cold winds and the sudden mild blizzard didn't help. The architecture was majestic, but it was slightly daunting to be enveloped by tall mountain ranges in the distance. You feel like you're buried in a whiteout, surrendering to God's amazing creations.