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Nang Rong

Muthu Venkatesh
About 25 miles away, Nang Rong is the closest town and ideal base for visiting the Historical park and is connected through regular buses from Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima) city. Honey Inn is the only budget friendly guesthouse in town and can be reserved in advance by simply dropping them a mail or by phone. Contact information are available in their website. Departing from Phimai early in the morning, I reached Nang Rong at mid noon, via Khorat. The guesthouse is hardly a kilometer away from the bus station and taxis are available at the bus station to take you to the guesthouse. As soon as I reached the guesthouse, I quickly re-freshened and took one of their rental bike for visiting the Phanom Rung Historical park.Initially the ride was quite hectic on the highway which was bustling with heavy trucks and cars. But once I exited the highway and made the turn towards the temple, it it was a pleasant ride through the country sides of Thailand. There were well displayed sign boards along the route to the Historical park for assistance. Due to a brief stop in the highway due to rains, I reached the park in about an hour time.